Suzan’s books

Chatty Cat: The First Six Months [a true account of a rescue cat settling into her new home, made into a story].
ISBN: 978-1500369576


One woman. One cat. Two very different ways of thinking. Meet Chatty Cat and her human [hooman] as they get to know one another. Chatty Cat is a smart but scared cat who has been adopted and is getting used to her new home. Her hooman thinks she knows exactly what Chatty Cat is thinking and what she needs. Chatty Cat however has other ideas and with a mind of her own, her hooman begins to wonder who is actually in charge!

Chatty Cat~full cover


Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother  ISBN: 978-1781610282


With 33 years’ experience in health and social care, Suzan Collins was delivering training on best practice when she was first contacted with the news that her mother had broken her leg at her nursing home and been transferred to hospital. There followed a chain of ongoing bad practice and poor care that Suzan, with all her knowledge and experience of ‘the system’ could not influence. What had really happened? Who was responsible? How could they be called to account? How could this be prevented from happening again? What would you do in her place? Share her experience and what she learned that could help you and those you care for.

BMC Full cover


On The Rails [Rom-com] ISBN-13: 978-1481804042


For sexy thirty something widow Nikki, a freelance reporter, life is pretty much on track. She has some good friends, a great job, and no money worries. So what if her heart is a little bruised. When an assignment to cover a children’s charity do in London comes up she leaps at the chance to rub shoulders with a few celebrities. Here she meets Simon, a star from a TV soap. It’s lust at first sight, and Nikki quickly wrangles a job with the charity, hoping to catch his eye. Her new commute quickly becomes enlivened by a series of entangled affairs ‘of the heart’. There’s Richard, a member of station staff, who’s ‘slow and subtle attention’ entices Nikki into foreign adventures but it seems he’s a long way from all he appears. There’s the gorgeous Luca, her new colleague, with his smouldering Italian good looks who is well on the way to derailing all her good intentions. And finally there’s Simon, who seems to be emerging as a narcissistic man, far more in love with himself than with any of women that have fallen for his undoubted charms. With an assortment of warm friends, complete with ready shoulders, wicked humour and endless advice, Nikki’s travels on the rails are an adventure dotted with sex, celebrity and some hard choices. Will she find happiness in the end, will her heart be mended and her life, at last, complete?

on-the-rails-BookCover5x8_BW_350_trimmed~1~Full cover Aug 2014

Selection of workbooks for staff who work in social care


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